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desiree feliciano is an illustrator, designer, and animator from new jersey. her work is largely based in a dreamy fictional world that captures pleasantries and excitement, with bright colors and generally fun themes. there are pieces of humor and eeriness that tint these pieces as well. 

she works in both physical and digital mediums and loves experimenting with these materials as well as using traditional and non traditional techniques to create her work. she has created works for a variety of local public institutions as well as small business.

she continues to hone her craft to create more illustrations, comics, and short animated films.

she is open to commissioned and freelance work in the realm of business branding and design, promotional print and digital materials, illustrations for a variety of purposes, and animation for business and recreation.

feel free to contact regarding any inquiries and i'll be more than happy to reach back out.


to contact: EMAIL
more work: YOUTUBE

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